We want to share just a handful of our favorite projects.

We considered showcasing all 200+ client projects, but let's be honest – some of our early work makes us cringe a little. 😅 Instead, we've hand-picked a collection of our recent favorites that better reflect our present-day skills and style. Enjoy!

Preview of Babtel Website
Preview of KLH Capital Website
Preview of EGA Associates Website

KLH Capital

Delivering results for a leading private equity firm since 2020

KLH Capital, a prominent Tampa-based private equity firm, has raised over $935 million since its founding in 2005. The firm focuses on investing in lower middle-market companies within the specialty services, value-added distribution, and niche manufacturing sectors. KLH Capital makes both majority and minority equity investments in U.S. businesses to support growth, provide ownership opportunities for key managers, and enable owners to realize the value of their companies.

Our team has had the privilege of working alongside KLH Capital, supporting their digital marketing efforts. We’ve collaborated closely to ensure their website effectively communicates their mission, values, and success stories to potential partners and investors.

Over the years, we’ve supported KLH Capital through:

  • Two major redesigns since 2020
  • Website-translation of a 2021 corporate rebrand
  • Regular updates to their massive portfolio of companies
  • Digital marketing consulting and technology support
  • Web hosting and ongoing website management

Through our partnership, we have helped KLH Capital establish a strong digital foundation, allowing them to focus on what they do best – investing in and growing successful businesses.

KLH Capital Home PageKLH Capital Portfolio Page

"They took our notes and transformed it into an amazing site that receives regular compliments."

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Exton Web Design as we built our new website. They took our notes and transformed it into an amazing site that receives regular compliments. Their work was excellent and they were always eager and willing to assist with any help we needed (front end, back end, graphic design – you name it!), answering quickly and completing tasks in a timely manner. We will continue working with Exton Web Design and highly recommend them to others.”

Headshot of Kerry Edwards
Kerry Edwards
Vice President of Marketing, KLH Captial


Nearly a decade of partnering with a thriving MENA telecom provider

Babtel is a leading provider of telecommunications services in the Middle East and Africa. Since 2016, our company has been a trusted partner, supporting Babtel’s growth and expansion in the following ways:

1. Multilingual Website Development: We’ve developed and maintained Babtel’s website in multiple languages (English, Arabic, Pashto, and Dari), ensuring that their online presence is accessible to a diverse customer base.

2. Website Redesigns: As Babtel has grown and evolved, we’ve delivered multiple website redesigns to keep their online presence current and aligned with their brand identity.

3. Internet Service Sign-up UX: We have created an intuitive and easy-to-navigate sign-up experience for Babtel’s internet services, featuring daily, weekly, and monthly subscription options and a clear, concise pricing table.

4. Support Portal Integration: To enhance customer support and user experience, we have designed and integrated user-friendly support portals into Babtel’s website.

5. Side Venture Websites: Our team has also designed and developed websites for various side ventures associated with Babtel, supporting their diversification and expansion efforts.

Through our long-standing partnership, we have helped Babtel establish a strong online presence – improving customer engagement and driving business growth.

Babtel Home PageBabtel Pricing & Signup Page

"Punchy quote highlight"

“Hopefully a quote from Peter”

Kerry Edwards — VP of Marketing, KLH Capital
Peter Catranis
VP Technology, Babtel

EGA Associates

Giving a healthcare staffing firm a captivating makeover

EGA Associates, a prominent national company, excels in providing staff augmentation and consulting services. They specialize in supporting both government and commercial clients with their professional and healthcare staffing requirements.

During the process of rebuilding their website, we encountered a significant challenge: the need to effectively target two distinct types of clientele simultaneously. On one hand, EGA Associates caters to healthcare providers seeking reliable placement opportunities. On the other hand, they serve healthcare employers in need of qualified workers.

To address this challenge, we strategically divided the website into two main sections: “For Providers” and “For Employers.” This separation allowed us to tailor the content and messaging to each specific audience.

In the “For Employers” section, we focused on showcasing EGA Associates’ expertise in serving government agencies. We highlighted their deep understanding of The Joint Commission Standards and regulations, instilling confidence in their ability to meet the unique needs of government clients.

For the “For Providers” section, we emphasized EGA Associates’ extensive, nationwide network of employers. We underscored their reliability in placing providers into facilities that require their specialized skills. Additionally, we showcased the comprehensive support and benefit opportunities available to providers who partner with EGA Associates.

We also integrated a Career Center where healthcare providers can browse job openings without having to leave the EGA website.

Through a captivating and well-structured website, we successfully conveyed EGA Associates’ value proposition to both healthcare providers and employers. This approach has driven significant success for EGA Associates, their providers, and their partners, solidifying their position as a trusted leader in the industry.

EGA Associates Home PageEGA Associates Career Center

"They nailed our vision for our website and delivered it with a quick turnaround."

“Working with Mike and the team at Exton Web Design has been an absolute pleasure. They nailed our vision for our website and delivered it with a quick turnaround. The site is sleek, professional, and perfectly captures the essence of EGA Associates. Their customer support is also reliable – always responsive and ready to help. Highly recommend.”

Headshot of Jeremy Mock
Jeremy Mock
Founder and President, EGA Associates

West Point Roofing

Ground-up website for a nationwide roofing company

Here’s a revised version of the text, maintaining the tone of voice while improving clarity and flow:

West Point Roofing, a nationwide roofing company with a presence in 21 states, approached us to build a brand new website from scratch. Their goal was to target three key market segments: residential customers with various roof types, commercial companies requiring new roofing, and individuals whose roofs had been damaged by storms, especially hail.

We took on the challenge and created a website that seamlessly integrated West Point Roofing’s new brand (kudos to af.creative for their work). Our focus was on delivering coherent messaging that would drive action tailored to each type of customer visiting the website.

The impact was immediate – the new website led to a surge in form submissions for new inquiries, effectively filling their funnel with potential work.

To further enhance user experience, we developed a Locations page featuring an interactive map that lists each of their locations. This made it easy for visitors to quickly find the nearest West Point Roofing office, ensuring a seamless experience for potential customers.

West Point Roofing Home PageWest Point Roofing Locations Page

"Websites that are geared directly to our customers."

“Exton Web Design is a top tier website designer. Mike creates fantastic, easy to navigate websites that are geared directly to our customers. Exton has a quick turnaround on all our projects and provides 24/7 support. I highly recommend this group on all projects.”

Headshot of Chris Fordyce
Chris Fordyce
Vice President, West Point Roofing

The Desmond

An elegant redesign for a luxury hotel and wedding venue

The Desmond is a DoubleTree by Hilton located in Malvern, PA. The hotel also serves as an upscale wedding venue, a conference center, and offers multiple dining options. Our goal was to combine these diverse offerings into one easy-to-navigate website that showcases the brand’s luxury feel while simplifying the user experience.

Their old website (screenshot) was a usability nightmare. It suffered from painfully slow loading times, and pages were buried under multiple layers of navigation, making it difficult for users to find the information they needed.

The design felt outdated, as if it were built in the late 90s, and lacked responsiveness, resulting in a poor user experience on mobile devices. The overall impression was far from the luxurious image the brand aimed to convey.

To address these issues, we rebuilt the website from the ground-up. We streamlined the navigation, ensuring that all essential information was easily accessible within one or two clicks. The new design features a modern, elegant aesthetic that aligns with the brand’s upscale identity.

We optimized the site’s performance, drastically reducing loading times, and implemented a fully responsive layout that adapts seamlessly to all screen sizes.

The end result is a website that not only looks stunning but also provides a smooth, intuitive user experience, reflecting the luxury and sophistication that The Desmond represents.

The Desmond Home PageThe Desmond Sub-Page

"Our website now truly reflects the essence of our brand."

“Working with Mike and his team at Exton Web Design to revamp our website was a game-changer. They effortlessly streamlined our content, making it incredibly easy to navigate and understand. The new design not only looks fantastic but also enhances the overall user experience. Thanks to their expertise, our website now truly reflects the essence of our brand. Highly recommend their services!”

Desmond Icon
Kim Mullen
Marketing & Public Relations, The Desmond